Tuesday, February 2, 2016

You're The Best Part Of My Day

Hello friends, here again with yet another NEW CHA Rubber stamp debuting
Dove Arts Studio by my uber talented friend Jennifer Dove.

I saw the image and I just wanted to jump in with my watercolors. Coloring, Tea time was very therapeutic if I say so myself. I wanted the image to be front and center so I made sure I sat it simple and clean with one of the NEW Best Friends sentiments.
Underneath the colored image I used a Gilded Embossing pattern base and Creative Basic Cutting Edge Border on the trim.

The Rubber stamp is colored with Tim Holtz Distress Ink pads and reinkers. 
All the NEW CHA releases ARE NOW AVAILABLE for pre-order at the LDRS Creative store!

Thank you for swinging by and I'll see you all again very soon.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

It's a Pattern love

Hey peeps I'm back with another CHA premier!

Today I'm excited to showcase a NEW Saturated Canary Rubber stamp, Pattern Love.
I love her cuteness and her high messy bun in which she reminds me of my daughter lol!

Saturated Canary has done it again with another sweet illustration. I created a shabby shic peachy card with a hint of mint to coordinate with her.

I used many of the new dies from Creative Basics , Basic Stitched Flags is one of my favorites. The different sizes and overlaying them it's just one of many different ways to use them.
I also had an idea of overlapping the Cutting Edge border down on the bottom. I thought I did a good job (pats self int he back) :P
I really like how easily dimension was created with overlapping the edges.
How about the New Gilded Doily Die .... simply breathtaking with it's flourish details.I used it to enhance my flowers.
Do you spy the Gilded Oval Embossing folders used? so much elegance in the Gilded Oval sets all around.

Lastly my sentiment came from the NEW  Best Friends set and Pattern Love was colored with ofcourse  Copic Markers :) 

Thank you for swinging by my corner 
and keep an eye out for the new products in the store very very soon!!


Sunday, January 17, 2016

Abby Lynne Loves You

Happy 2016!!!
All I could say I'm sorry I've been quiet lol! It's BEEN CRAZY .... besides Holidays. I got so sick and then it went from kid to kid UGH! We're just about clear in a germ free home.
I'm ready to come back and with GOALS! I never set personal goals for myself because in all honestly I've been going by YOLO.  
This year it feels different and I'm determine to change things for myself and my family. 
Lets just say this is the year my talents and creativity gets put into a test. 
I just hope my hard work pays off and we'll soon find out. 
I need to tidy this place up dude.
Let's Move on to 2016 CHA creations for LDRS Creative!
My first DT Inspiration post featuring a NEW CandiBean Rubber stamp, Abby Lynne.
This girly debuted at CHA and I'm glad to finally share her cuteness to all of you!

I colored her with Copic Markers and the card was assembled with lots of the NEW Dies from LDRS.
I used Gilded Oval Die and Gilded Oval Labels by the talented and MY friend Tammy Louise
and I used Creative Basics Basic Stitched Flags and Creative Pierced Ovals designed bmy crazy and lovely friend Rhea Weigand.
These dies are so addicting they can be used more than enough ways.
They are brilliant and they coordinate so nicely with our New sentiments.

How adorable is the sentiment RIGHT!!! 

This one came from the LDRS Creative "YOU" Collection. 

It's been fun sharing Ms. Abby Lynne to you all and I will be back very soon with another CHA creation. I hope you like her and look for her in the LDRS Creative store very very soon!!

Enjoy the weekend friends

Thursday, December 17, 2015

DAY 5 Christmas Countdown over LDRS

Hey guys I'm surviving the Holidays and I've done my last card for 2015!!! Well actually I only have one special card that needs assembling and it's off to the other side of the world :)

Anyways I'm super excited and ready to take on Christmas because so MANY personal things have been going on at home that I'm beyond happy and appreciative. I won't go into details but my heart is complete now,..lol! 

I also have sent my 2016 CHA creations WHOOOOOO!!!! 

Yup this lady is ready for Christmas. So with that being said I might be quiet here since I'm all good for designer postings for the year. 

Well another way to follow my coloring is on Instagram. I do have many more snaps of my work in progress and therapy coloring just because so look for me there!


 LDRS Creative is having a countdown to Christmas and we're on DAY 5! That would be my turn to share with you today a little Winter Christmas Easel card using Penny's Little Owls. I watercolored the image with Tim Holtz Distress Inks and Reinkers.

I also created a miniature size easel it's pretty tiny measuring @ 2"x2" or so and I mounted 
Thinking of You sentiment from the Postage Vintage Affections sentiment collection on the base of the card. A simple handmade card for someone to show you're thinking of them during the holidays.

I hope I gave you some inspiration to create a handmade pressie because those could be the ones one will appreciate more. 

I thank you for supporting my blog and my other social media corners.

I will see you again before the year I promise :)

Love Always

Happy Holidays friends

Thursday, December 3, 2015

You're My #1 Friend

Hello friends I'm back and I'm really trying to keep up with my posts for December!! It's so hard lol!

Today I have some sweet twist using So Proud which I would give myself for keeping up with Dec blog postings :P
This Ribbon will be in display at CHA hopefully. I really liked the outcome of the creation from the coloring to the lace. Everything was created to compliment each other. 

My image was stamped on Kraft paper colored with copics and finished with pencils. I didn't keep the recipe for this one because she was colored a while back and lost the recipe. The only thing was to finish the pony with majority pencils.

I cut out a circle using the Darling Square die set that is part of the collection. I stamped a sentiment from the Love Vintage Affections set and simply tucked it in between all the pretty flowers.

I have lots of work ahead of me and then we have Christmas EEEEK!

Thanksgiving was very lovely and food comma was an under statement.Yup went shopping in my heels and all lol! We didn't even Christmas shop we shopped for ourselves and called it a day. Actually .... hmmmm... I just realized I DIDN'T BUY NOTHING ....MAN! How the???? Wait!? WHAT?? I didn't buy nothing for myself lol!! My kids did ALL of them and so did my hub. He actually spoiled himself for once. Overall it was indeed a fun and beautiful Thanksgiving with my side of the family. We had so many laughs I tell ya!

ok peeps I'm out and about cuz this girly has LOTS to color.
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Monday, November 23, 2015

Just for fun with Saturated Canary Amber

Hi guys! Well this morning I woke up cheery and ready to color. The funny thing was that I had something else ready and then I had remembered I wanted to play in the Tombow coloring contest. 

I have only a few handful of watercoloring markers so I decided to play with my favorite markers....Actually it's my ULTIMATE favorite color. I love it beyond words, number 879. This chocolate brown marker has a pink undertone! So pretty.

 So I decided to do a sepia coloring take using Amber from Saturated Canary Rubber stamp.
I didn't know they had a design team call :( AWEEE ....next time I'll be looking out for sure. I love Tombow product.

I also wanted to participate in a challenge. How long has that been right lol!
Yes it's with Taylor's Expressions.
 I've been eyeing them and they have such cute stuff. I need to go shopping there very soon.

TOMBOW Color combo
I used 942 for skin and 723 through out like on her cheeks, lips and top of her dress. Hair,eyes and skirt was with 879 and 942
Now 815 was diluted with water and used it on butterflies and a tad on her lips. Oh yes Tombow pink pencil is from the pale tone II. I used it to line up her lips.

Ok thanks for peeking in and I'll cya guys again if I spontaneously decide to color before my next scheduled posting :)

Have a great week

Amber can be found over the LDRS Creative store

Friday, November 20, 2015

I Can't Reach Christmas Cheer For All

Told ya I'll be back! Ok so today it's a Christmas cheer coloring. I did it I did a CAS card. Is it a CAS card? I tried so hard so it better be lol!
Do you know how hard it is not to keep adding embellishments??? Dude it's hard!!! LOL!
So easy peasy lemon squeezy coloring was a center focus. 

I used Copics but OF COURSE. My copic combo is down below.

This is, I can't Reach  by CandiBean Rubber Stamp.

I had a little extra fun color placing the fir in the tree. I've been doing this technique for years now and I was working on a tutorial actually due to popular request. Well what had happened was..... it's sitting in my draft folder lol! I mean this had to be like 5 years ago lol!

Maybe if I could squeeze in extra coloring I could finish it before December.  I have so much coloring at the moment but than you have those images that you really want to color for extra fun and if I don't I'll just burst!

Simple embellishments. 

My 10 yo daughter is like, mom  what's zup with the boring card?

I chased her all over the house cuz she ran right after she said that.

They're not use to my " CAS cards" :) 

Okie doke that's all my yapping
I hope I gave you some inspiration to give the stamp a try. 
Any questions feel free to email me or leave me a comment.

I will be back early December for a fun post ,....


Copic Color Combo

Skin: E50,E51,E93,E000,E0000,BV000
Hair: YR24,YR21,YG95,RV69,R29,R24
Clothes: R20,R24,R29,R39,R59,T1
Tree and Pot: YG61,YG63,YG667,YG97,Y32,,Y04,E51,E84,E87,RV69,R29,R24,R20
Mouse: W1,W5,R20,
Stool: E84,E87,E51


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Thursday, November 19, 2015

Wings With Love

Happy Thursday friends!!! I'm very well in the creating mode right now. The holidays have creeped up on us and with TWO bday children this month life is busy around here. 

Nevertheless Just gotta keep swimming as Dori might say.
Here is the states some crazy peeps do Black Friday.... it a day that people bail out on family Thanksgiving and go shopping. Well I have done my share of black Friday shopping AFTER Thanksgiving dinner I might add. Well I'm not sure what I'm shopping for but I'll be out there at wee hours shopping for nonsense lol! Sometimes my hubby and I look at each other and say WHAT THE F#@%! are we doing??? I say i don't know I'm following you lol! Just to go with the hype I guess LOL!! Freaking Losers we are, I say lol!! As long as we get coffee and don't get cursed and shoved we enjoy each others company.

Ok so it's been quiet here for one I mentioned it before I'M COLORING FOR CHA! YES CHA IS AROUND THE CORNER! So yes i'm trying to keep up with a busy family which we pretty much find any excuse to hang out with our close friends and family. Having each others company is just a blessing and life couldn't be any sweeter. I appreciate my friends and family that surround me now so much. My brother is expecting did I tell ya!!!??? YES!! he is and expecting a baby girl. I believe she should be here the fist month of 2016 so anxious Aunty over here. Ok so I'm getting off track and lets keep it moving lol!

Today I have a take on Copic markers. Copic markers for those that don't know are Artist professional markers. They are my favorite marker mediums that I use in a regular basis. To use them is very easy and it takes lots of practice to keep improving your skills. I've been using them for a long long long time now and I always finding inspiration all over the internet that continues the learning process. So if you're interested in jumping on the relaxing coloring, go for it.
There's tons of other mediums. I recently started eye balling, PEN COLORING! Yes with regular ink pens. The art looks so very good.

All right that's enough rant let me get you going :P

This is Wings from DollHouse Rubber stamps a Claudia Tremblay art. Her rich vivid art always inspires me the way I color my Dollhouse images.  I did tweaked her eyes by coloring in some detail in the pupils and a pretty eye color. Lots of undertones and shading on her. I will add copic recipe below.


The LDRS Fluttered Tulip Bodice Die is inserted and layered behind her and adorned with rich color roses. From reds, peach and white.

My sentiment is stamped and colored with  RED COPIC to enhance the letters.

Ok so I'll be back tomorrow for another LDRS creative posting. I'll c-you here mister lol!


Copic Recipe
Skin: BV00,E50,E51,E93
Hair: BV00,T1,T3,T4,T5,100
Wings: R46,R39,RV69,BG49,BG10,B00
Dress: E50,E09,E15,E07
Shoes: R39,R46
Lips: RV21,RV10

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Te Quiero Mucho

Well I'll be dam this post didn't go live!!! I had it scheduled and I guess it decided not to. I was coming over here to schedule for two future posts and just saw that my last post never did go up. Well at least it did over the LDRS Creative Inspiration blog. I've been busy behind the scenes you know holidays and actually prepping for CHA!

 Yup CHA is around the corner and the LDRS Creative DT is working hard behind the scenes. I just can't wait to share before exploding lol! Sorry peeps but I'm under oath :P
Well let me leave you with my a little creation I did using CandiBean Swinging by to say Hi Rubber stamp. I watercolored her with Distress Inks. I'm not sure if people are interested in knowing my watercoloring recipe so I never tally it but if I hear any request for it I could start keeping track.

This was a little different for me because I'm a heavy colorist but I'm trying to light color sometime too. It was so hard not adding more dept and I had to really pull away lol!
Anywhoo here is a little watercoloring fun

Adding the Spanish sentiments were the cherry on top and they go so well with the image itself.
The black stamp heart says, "siempre en mi corazon" which means Always in my heart. The top sentiment says, "Te quiero Mucho" which means I love you a lot. The whole set is so much fun to play with and guess what  IT'S ON SALE!!!!!! Go before they're all gone.

Thanks for swinging by my corner a little late for my posting but I'll be back very soon for a back to back posting. Have a great weekend friends!

I just recently started my Instagram account I actually share more of my coloring there 

cya there!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

What's Up Buttercup

Happy Saturday friends it's my turn to share some LDRS Creative Inspiration and with Fall here it's only logical that I use Autumn as my inspiration for today's card.

 CandiBean -What's up Buttercup is her name and well
you could see how versatile this stamp can be. You could do a fun Summer theme with it, Spring and certainly Fall. I mean if you wanna  push it you could add snow all over them for winter and there ya go :P

My image was watercolored with various mediums. From TimHoltz Distress pads, Reinkers, Tombow watercolor markers and pencils to touch up little areas.

My sentiment fit perfectly well with the LDRS Darling Square Die set. I used my Vintage Affections sentiment and then die cut it using the decorative circle you see below. This Die set is always my go to lately. I used the decorative square for my base for What's Up Buttercup too.

Darling Square Die Set

I'm so stuck on Fall and to get me out is gonna be haaaaard lol!

I used some Graphic 45 designer paper, very pretty paper I might add. 

The Cocoa ribbon, my friend Tammy and design team sistah from LDRS sent me for a card swap is insanely rich. I LOVE IT! Tammy thank you so very much love. I love my goodies and mainly a beautiful letter she sent with. I have it put away for safe keeping.

Ok that's it for today and I'll be back very soon. Been doing A LOT of coloring  and  I've shared on my FB page so make sure you follow me there too for more behind the scene pictures and work in progress!

Enjoy the weekend peeps

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Little Bit More Latte Please!

I'm back again today to share some MORE New Lisbeth Rubber stamps Inspiration.

It's a weekend of fun remember. 
Don't forget to join in the HOP for the chance to win sweet Prizes.
If you scroll down you could catch my hop creation I shared yesterday with all the Prize details.

Today we have Rhea from Passionate Paper Creation and Friends hosting a coloring contest and she will also be having a limited time Freebie so make sure to stop by their Facebook page.  


Today I'm sharing Lisbeth Winter Cuppa and she is colored with copics and pencils on kraft paper. Coloring this big polar bear was very relaxing. Trying to concentrate on his fur was very therapeutic for me.

I was over excited to use my FAVORITE LDRS sentiments from the Coffee collection and that tiny cuppa is part of the set too! Tucking in those Dewdrop border die around the image for extra depth. You might not be able to see it but those Twigs around the flowers are so sparkly, I'm so addicted to them.

I hope you enjoyed the inspiration I have for you today. I promise I'll be back soon ...I promise!
Have a great weekend friends

LDRS Creative Product
LDRS Design paper Frigid Fun

Friday, September 18, 2015

I'M BACK!!! And with LDRS Creative NEWS!

Hey watch out !  Here I am and coming back from a very busy summer. Life has been passing by too fast. Specially when you're having so much fun with your friends and family. 

I can't believe we're getting close to Fall 
(which is my favorite season) and looking forward to getting my walks through the beautiful colors of Autumn.

I keep saying I'm back but then I disappear lol! I could explain. What had happened was... I have a family. With three children at home and one 

"grown young adult daughter"  I wanted to enjoy summer with them as much as we could. I really needed to drop a few DT's because do you guys remember when I was like in 5 teams lol! Goodness ... HOW DID I PULL THAT OFF!!???
Anyways I'm trying to stay on board and keep my crafting journey going. 

So let me start by sharing some wonderful news with LDRS Creative!

***********DRUM ROLL PLEASE**********

It's time for our 3rd Quarter 2015 RELEASE from

CandiBean and  Lisbeth

We are very excited about each of these new images and we know you will want them all!!!
We want to give you a chance to win several of these new stamps so let's get ready to HOP!
You are invited to share in the Blog Hop Party
filled with more chances to win with games and a special coloring contest! 
by joining us on our  Facebook page and on one of our favorite sponsor's FB sites,  Passionate Paper Creations and Friends!
 First, let's begin with our Fall 2015 BLOG HOP!
Each of our Design Team members will be sharing their inspiration with gorgeous projects that feature every one of these new images!

I used Lisbeth Winter Warmth Rubber Stamp
LDRS  Sentiment Christmas & Winter
LDRS Darling Square Die
LDRS Design paper Frigid Fun

I had a little fun with my copics. I was feeling a little rusty but it's ok I was happy with it for getting back on the boat. I did touch her up with pencils too. Also just to let you know, Lisbeth boots are not fluffy like that they're actually smooth but you know me I had to try to give it some furry fun.

I think I might want to watercolor her next just to try a different medium on her next time. I'll make sure to share that take.

Now for the Hop details!

What would a blog hop be without a fun game and some prizes? 
As part of our hop, we invite you to leave a comment on each designers blog, as you hop along! This will enter you for a chance to win!!!!
1st prize = 5 stamps from the NEW RELEASE!!!
2nd prize = $25 Voucher to the LDRS Creative Store!
Winners will be chosen by random.org.
When you are finished hopping along with us,